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Gettinga witness to answerYesorNo can be optimal and has a definite place at trial. It is common practice - and often best practice

let me ask you something, when you askaYesorNoquestion do you often getayesornoanswer? and just so it's clear, THAT IS A YES

English Language & Usage Stack Exchange is aquestion and answer site for linguists, etymologists, and serious English language enthusiasts.

Ask THE ORACLE, consult THE ORACLE, be THE ORACLE, and get the answers you need now. You can ask any YESorNOquestion.

No.), or long: YesorNo followed by the subject and verb. Use the verb BE with a preposition to ask Yes / No questions about a present or past location. question.

This is aquestion I getasked very often. Many English learners build up a substantial grammar and vocabulary base, after which they want to go out

Here is an interpretation of your Yes/No reading to view the positive and negative aspects that relate to your question.

In order to geta clear cut answer, you have to aska specific question—aquestion that requires a yesornoanswer. Read Anthony Tjan’s blog post

I need information so I askaquestion tailor-made to get the facts out quick, then I have to sit through his analysis or story before he dances up to the answer. Sometimes I can’t even tell if it’s been answered so I have to ask, “So, is that a yesor a no?” Is this on anyone else’s list of bothers?

When you askayesornoquestion does it really piss you off when the answer you get is just jabbering jibberish full of nothing but words and talk? People just can't answeryesorno.

Because ananswer is ananswer to aquestion which is the question of the answer but usually the question comes first except in English exams where the answer is given and you are asked to

Sometimes a simple choice between "yes" or "no" can be very difficult. No gimmicky oracle. Skip the Tarot cards.

When aquestion has two possible responses, like Yes/No or True/False, it's known as a dichotomous question. Click a scenario below for instructions on how to best set

Question is an expression of curiosity. When people have a strong desire to know about something, they will obtain information by askingaquestion.

If you’re not getting much more than a “yeah,” “nope,” or “fine” when you ask about your kid’s day at school, it might be time for some new conversations starters.

(YesorNo)").upper(). if answer == "YES": print("You can take driving lessons to prepare for your

If the word “No” in red ink means, person B doesn’t agree with person A said “ Don’t worry!” because maybe she does a bit worry. Tell me if I got the real

Aska yes-no question and get instant tarot answer! Get free Yes/No Tarot Reading now with Pythia the oracle; Free accurate advice to your yesorno tarot question.

You've turned a Yes/No question into an A/B question. Instead of "Do you like it?", you've made the shift to "Which one do you like?"

If you've gota quick hat question and don't see a thread for it, just post it here. Whether the question is about cleaning, anatomy of a hat, brands, etc., this is the place.

Answeringyesornoquestions with the Tarot can be tricky, but it is possible if you know the

How to provide a yesornoanswer – without taking away free will and the power to create your destiny. What Tarot cards mean yes, and what Tarot cards mean

So with that question being asked to him it would make him think that she was pregnant.Which it did cause he replied why are you asking me about

Or just read through everybody else’s questions here…you might find the answer you are looking

Yes. No. Has a your bully ever asked you out or kissed you ?

Aquestion worthy of ananswer. There are many more decisions in life than a mere yes and no.

Yes/ No Mystery Riddles are a great activity to bring out when you find yourself with a group of people around a campfire.

Gettinga "Yes" or "No" Tarot, a one card Tarot Reading can be very helpful especially if you need quick advice and answer with any of your yes-no questions. This is the simplest way to geta quick reading but can give an accurate response even though it uses only a single tarot card.

Just think of aquestion that can be answered "Yes" or "No", concentrate very, very hard, and click on the "Ask" button. Then let Spike's 8-Ball show you the way!

Hi sorry if this has already been asked but I've looked and couldn't find it. I've been working on a program for my university work I want the program to repeat if the user answersyes to aquestion but the code I have written does not work and I can't...

The answer to this simple question is either yesorno, and the answer provides an immediate direction.

Assuming here that the closed question is with an expected answer of “YesorNo”, I would remind the member that his/ her answer should be a simple “YesorNo”. If the member continues with the open answer, I will continue to intervene and ask the team what they are expected to answer the...

YesorNoQuestions to Ask Paul. If you lack the confidence to make an important life decision, or you want to accurately predict the future, just aska dead psychic octopus named Paul!