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Hanson ConcreteGarages can provide the full project management of any sized contract, offering you complete peace of mind and reassurance that your decision to purchase a Hanson Battery Garage is the right one. Available in either traditional timber fascias or high security plastic coated steel, the...

Staining our garage floor. You may remember our barn renovation that I told you about earlier this year. We worked really hard getting the barn into better shape for my

The reason for this is that the contaminants in the pores of theconcrete are emulsified and lifted

We have all the house hold painting hacks you could ever want. Come visit my channel to learn how to paint anything and everything around your house.

Unlike concrete paint, a concrete stain is forever. Some varieties even form a chemical bond with theconcrete itself. Therefore, a decision on what color

When it came to theconcrete floor inmy dad’s garage, there was everything from stains and dried paint drips to chips and cracks.


It could be the steps to the front door one month, the back deck the next, or even the kitchen table some other day. No matter how careful I have tried to be, I always seem to drip some wood stain somewhere on theconcreteinmygarage or driveway. There was even one time that I spilled an...

Apply the commercial stain remover. Follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding how much to use, and

If you’re in the Calgary area, we provide free quotes for raising and levelling concrete and can contact us here Concrete lifting quote.

A new concrete garage slab is a thing of beauty. But due to the porous nature of concrete, it doesn't take long before tough stains (like oil spills) make

We offer concretestaining, epoxy coatings, garage coatings, and garage cabinets.

Mygarage was in really bad shape and thanks to the customer support of Tower Paints we were able to bring it back to life. With the sample put down we succeeded in working

My Gorilla Garage is simply the best surface coating for your garage, porch, sidewalk or any

Sparta-Stain delivers the same look as acid-stained or polished concrete, but with more durability and better resistance to chemicals.

Transform boring concrete into unique and useful surfaces that will last with concretestaining, polishing & resurfacing in Kansas City.

Decorative Stained Floor. Stain can easily hide imperfections in the flooring. Chic Stained Commercial Flooring. Stained floors provide low- maintenance.

Garage Force is a leader in floor coating installation across the country.

Now, the instructions on the can said to use a sprayer to apply the product and we are firm believers in following the rules.

Top That Concrete specializes in providing a durable solution for worn, damaged, stained, and

Can you help in the design and layout of our concrete project? Yes we can, and we always like to mark out on the ground with chalk where your concrete will go so you can get a good visual picture before we start. Can Pawledge concrete remove and replace my cracked and broken concrete?

If you’re thinking about staining a concrete floor in your home, you’ll most likely want to work with a professional. It is possible to stain your own concrete floor, but there’s a lot of room for error—too little stain will leave the original color showing through, and an overzealous application can easily leave...

One thing worried us: in the can, the paint looks almost magenta, but it dries to the color of redwood.

If you are looking for stained or stamped concrete look, inside or outside, at Houston Concrete

I may have created the stain in the first place, but thanks to this trick, I was able to erase it easily!

Stone Medic provides concretestaining, stamping, polishing and overlays in Tampa Bay, FL.

Concrete can be brought inside the home and used as a functional floor that brings great design and character into almost any space.

Custom concrete floors for your basement, bathroom, kitchen, garage, and more! We have indoor and outdoor solutions for your residential and commercial

Concrete can be found in and around the home in driveways, walkways, basement walls, and floors. There are two ways to treat concrete, whether it is inside or outside your home, staining and painting. Deciding whether to stain or paint concrete depends largely upon the current state of theconcrete...

Whether it's the garage, basement, or even main living quarters, there are opportunities to create a warmer, more inviting living space without having to

Stained concrete system is a water based stain coat that bonds with theconcrete creating a translucent finish using stone glaze as final coat layer.

What can you do about oil stains on a garage floor? If you want polished concrete on your garage floor we will grind the

A car with an oil leak can quickly stain your driveway. Oil stains on your driveway can be difficult to get rid of. This is a guide about removing oil spills from

What if My ConcreteGarage Floor has Cracks? Most cracking in concretegarage floor is normal, it’s just the nature of concrete.

Triple-S Concrete Acid Stains contain inorganic salts dissolved in water, which react with the minerals within concrete to provide a beautiful and unique finish.

You can finally get the garage flooring Salt Lake families are raving about.

Can the stains be reapplied easily if needed? I could leave it plain but I prefer the finished look.

Here’s how to remove oil stains from concrete drive-ways and garage floors: Gather up a small bag of cat litter, a few cans of cola, a stiff bristle

The worst thing about an oil stain on a concrete driveway is the fact that concrete is very porous. It acts as a sponge, soaking up liquid.

I'm Mike, and my company Day's Concrete Floors, Inc has been installing garage floor epoxies, concrete floor stains and sealers for over 30 years.

You can share your tips here for removing concretestains, or read other tips already submitted for cleaning this porous surface of other types of stains

Concrete is the solid material you end up with after mixing cement, sand, and water. So really – you are cleaning a concretegarage floor. My husband thinks he’s pretty amazing because he can keep his garage floor cleaner than others but not even he can keep his floor from finding an occasional stain...

Transformation Mygarage has gone under a complete transformation. I can finally store my skis, yard tools, and road bike without worry of them getting