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The short answer is yes, but there are some car insurance and vehicle matters that need to be handled before you can get behind the wheel of someoneelse’s carfor Uber. UberX and Uberpool vehicle requirements: * Four door sedan * No full size van...

Drive with Lyft and for personal use, with no cap on mileage. No long-term contract. Get a car the earn on your terms.

My boyfriend just got deployed and im watching his carfor him. He told me that if I ever needed to I could insure his car and drive it.

Insuring someoneelsescar Yes, Someoneelse can insure it for driving purposes, However you may have trouble renewing a

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You can also tap the Lyft button (the car icon to the left of the Set pickup button) to change the car style if needed.

I don't know if it's just me but I always feel really uncomfortable with driving someoneelse's car.

If you regularly drive someoneelse’s car, the most cost effective option is usually being added to their policy as a named driver.

If you drive someoneelse's car and you cause an accident, the owner's policy will cover you. It will pay for the damage to any other vehicles along with any personal injury. If the other parties and the owner's insurance company are unable to reach a settlement, then any lawsuit will name you as a defendant.

You can have someone take over your lease payments, just as long as your lender allows lease transfers. Lease transfers are not a quick process, as the person taking over your lease must

Even if the person using your car has insurance on a vehicle that they own, their insurance provider is unlikely to pay for the bulk of the accident-related damages that they cause with

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I am going to rent a car from someone to use as my personal transportation. The title will ... CanI get full coverage insurance for this vehicle?

For example, in the case of a rental car that you plan to keep for an extended period of time, you could produce a renter’s contract, showing you as

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You could be wondering whether you can get car finance on someoneelse’s behalf. Is it possible?

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You can refinance your car into someoneelse's name, but there are some hurdles to overcome. Here's what to know when you want to transfer an auto

Every car owner must purchase car insurance for his or her car based on the regulations of the state. In some cases it is possible to insure someoneelse's car, but typically this can only be done for liability coverage and not property coverage.

I am looking at applying for SENTRI for myself and my family so that we can travel back-and-forth easily between Mexico and the US. I don't currently own a car, for travel to the US we use a friend's US registered car. Is it possible/allowed to register our friend's car into the SENTRI program?

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When you rent a carfor Uber, Lyft, or any other ridesharing service using HyreCar, we take care of the necessary insurance for you. It's as easy as choosing a car

(CanI buy life insurance for someoneelse?) What About Liability Only Car Insurance? A named non-owner auto insurance policy may be for you if the vehicle in question is not valuable enough to require full coverage (comprehensive and collision), isn’t being leased, or has no other additional interest.

Can you take out car finance in your name if the car is for someoneelse? This is called an accommodation deal, and it causes considerable confusion.

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Driving other motor cars is offered to certain policy holders. All cover provided is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions listed in your policy.

They just usesomeoneelse’s account with some else’s picture on their Uber profile.

Driving SomeoneElse's Car. Five things to keep in mind. There are a number of reasons why you