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This video shows the part, in which you have to turn off the electricity inOutlast2. Book of Leviticus.

In this article we’ll show you how to make it to the top of the mine, escape Val, and turn off the power so that you can find Lynn and make it out alive inOutlast2.

How to Get the Alternate Ending inOutlast2. Major story spoilers ahead! Outlast2 has a lot of things going on with its story and it all makes for one interesting ending, which is possibly one of the more confusing

Recording anything in this area results in static on your camera — along with unintelligible nonsense audio. Well, there’s actually a message in that audio.

A secret alternate ending to Outlast2 has been eluding many players, so here are some extra tips to get you closer to that ending.

Outlast2 Documents Locations. Outlast2 Document #1 – My Dear Sweet Ellie Arrive in the village the

Even Outlast2’s occasional puzzles, the most traditional staple in the survival horror genre, feel vital to your progress rather than busywork to keep you occupied. Turning off electricity and finding rope to access an out-of-reach area are not unfamiliar objectives, but there’s euphoria to be found in small...

InOutlast2, players who wish to know more about the story will need to collect a series of recordings and documents hidden throughout the game. Outlast2 continues with the theme of using a camcorder to find such documents and recordings, some of which cause Blake share his thoughts.

Outlast2 by Red Barrels is a survival horror game that puts you in the shoes of journalist Blake Langermann as he journeys with his wife Lynn to explore the murder of an Arizona Jane Doe.

Langermann cannot fight except in scripted scenes, but must run and hide.[3] He also wears glasses, which limit the player's vision if they fall off.[2] The

PC Invasion have outlasted Outlast2, with only a few psychological scars marring this review.

First off let me just say that this games looks and sounds amazing but in terms of gameplay and story it is incredibly disappointing.

Now that Outlast2 is out and a bunch of gamers on Xbox One, PS4 and PC are deep-diving into the game, they’re discovering that there’s a lot more

"In truth, Outlast's 'no weapons' formula worked better as a shorter experience. Stretched over twice the length of the original game, Outlast2's

Outlast2, the sequel to the popular Outlast game, is a truly creepy horror game. While it's set in the same

Outlast2 came out only yesterday and on the reviews of the game on Steam you can already judge that the players are mostly satisfied with the.

Outlast2 takes place in the same universe as Outlast, serving as an indirect sequel but featuring

You still cant fight inOutlast2, except for small quick-time moments where you have to rapidly

Outlast2 expanded the structure of some of its levels, giving you more places to run, hide and explore.

InOutlast2, I'm often frustrated because I cannot find where the fuck to go. Along with that issue comes with multiple annoying deaths; If I can't find

Outlast 1 GOOD Outlast Whistleblower AWESOME Outlast2 GARBAGE.

In fact, some enemies go out of their way to check hiding spots like barrels, streams, and even under beds and carts.

The original Outlast had a nice combination of jump scares and actual horror; someone would pop out and scare you, before giving chase as you ran

The new Outlast has its moments as a horror game, thanks to some neat perception dynamics, but it's exceptionally short on subtlety or charm.

As in the original Outlast, batteries are your most valuable tool in the new game when it comes to navigating the many large, pitch-black areas of

Prophet Achievement inOutlast2: Finished the game without hiding in a barrel or closet - worth 75 GamerScore. Find guides to this achievement here.

InOutlast2 there are documents you can gather as collectibles, there are letters and gospels. Some of them also reveal the story behind things going

Outlast2, especially in the back half, ditches stealth sections almost entirely and replaces them with lengthy sequences wherein an enemy or group of enemies chases you

Outlast 1 GOOD Outlast Whistleblower AWESOME Outlast2 GARBAGE.

You would, however, miss out on one of the strangest and most engrossing survival-horror stories in years.

Outlast2. You are Blake Langermann, a cameraman working with your wife, Lynn.

Outlast2 has a bigger length and is way harder than the first game and the insane diificult is stupid because if you die, you'll just have to start from the

Outlast2 wastes no time getting the player familiar with the story and its 2 main characters.

Outlast2 pushed much further than most other entries in the genre, though. I found myself screaming at my computer louder than usual, shaking with

Outlast was one of the most horrifying games of 2013 -- and perhaps of all time. Our review called it a "perfect nightmare" of gore, mental strain and tense s...

Outlast2 developer Red Barrels released a demo for their upcoming horror game yesterday in Xbox

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Everything inOutlast2 looks better than the first game, from the footage shot with your camera to the character models of the bloodthirsty villagers that chase you.