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The InternationalFoodandWine Festival will play host to seminars, tasting events, and sumptuous meals overseen by top Disney Chefs as well as

Epcot. Food, wine, beer and cocktail tastings, seminars, grand dining events, Eat to the Beat concerts and more; late September through mid-November.

Epcot’s InternationalFoodandWine Festival is one of Walt Disney World’s most popular annual events. It’s Disney’s way of celebrating the diverse culinary traditions around the globe. Appropriately set around the World Showcase, guests can stroll amongst a trail of booths representing an...

The 24th annual EpcotInternationalFoodandWine Festival is where foodand theme park aficionados rendezvous to satisfy their daring epicurean

New events and dishes are whipped up for each annual EpcotInternationalFoodandWine Festival.

Try delicious foods, wines and beers from around the world at special marketplaces set up throughout World Showcase.

EpcotInternationalFood & Wine Festival. The EpcotInternationalFood & Wine Festival returns to Walt Disney World Resort in 2019 with a record 87 days of entertainment, events, and, of course, a veritable cornucopia of wonderful foodand tasty beverages.

She, like many other FoodandWine regulars, had visited Epcot’s website to plan out which places she wanted to stop at.

Epcotfoodandwine is a must to come to. It can get expensive, so be prepared to spend spend spend and conquer the crowd. I enjoyed going through Epcot's InternationalFoodandWine Festival. It's just integrated into the park's World Showcase, such that the price of the entry ticket gets you into the...

During the FoodandWine Festival, Epcot's best chefs come together to create individual menus that showcase the cuisine and beverages of different countries.

Epcot's InternationalFoodandWine Festival has grown exponentially over the last 20 years. It is simply impossible to try everything but you can get the best of the festival's offerings with these simple tips and tricks.

EpcotInternational Festival of the Arts Brush up on a trio of artistic arenas that celebrate Visual Arts, Culinary Arts and Performing Arts with a colorful palate of

The Food & Wine Festival is included with your admission ticket to Epcot although each of the items available at the many booths will run you a few bucks. There are a lot of various things to see at Food & Wine, but the stalls set up for all the various countries and regions are the real stars. All of the food...

Every year the EpcotInternationalFoodandWine Festival just seems to get better and better.

The EpcotFoodandWine Festival kicks off soon! Get ready for 75 days of foodand fun, starting this August 30!

The EpcotInternationalFoodandWine Festival runs from September 14 – November 14, 2016. Secret: Usually Epcot will hold a soft opening a day or so earlier so if you go on the 13th, you may be able to try some foodand beverages before the official start.

Epcot, Walt Disney World Resort, Lake Buena Vista, Florida TBA, September – November 407-824-4321 Take an eclectic tour of the world at the InternationalFood & Wine Festival as you sample delicious foodsand fine wines during this international culinary celebration at Epcot...

Bring EpcotInternationalFoodandWine Festival home with this Aulani Sunrise Cocktail Recipe.

Epcot's InternationalFoodandWine Festival features demonstrations, seminars, celebrity chefs, great food booths, tasty drinks, and crowds. Here we help you.

The EpcotInternationalFoodandWine Festival has been been taking people’s taste buds all over the world since 1995, and we can’t wait for this year’s journey.

Fortunately for me, I was already in Orlando and there were so many events happening around the city. One of the events that I've been wanting to go to was the InternationalFoodandWine Festival in Epcot. Every year, from September to October, Epcot gives their visitors a chance to sample foods...

If foodand fun sound like your idea of a holiday, it's time to book yourself in to the next edition of the EpcotInternationalFood & Wine Festival - running

Lasting 87 days, the 2019 EpcotInternationalFood & Wine Festival will be the longest in Walt Disney World history. During the popular event guests can eat and drink their way around the World Showcase and parts of Future World. From marketplace tasting booths to the Back to the Basics series (included...

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Caitlin and I will be returning to Disney next month for an entire week! Caitlin created an exciting (and impressive) itinerary for our trip, and many of the restaurants and attractions were recommended by you guys

The eats at the EpcotInternationalFood & Wine Festival are known to tantalize taste buds all around but throughout the celebration there are also so

Arguably, the main draw of the EpcotInternationalFoodandWine Festival are the internationalfood marketplaces. Located throughout the World Showcase, these kiosks serve appetizer-sized portions of their country’s or region’s local cuisine.

Feast your eyes on the marketplace menus of the EpcotInternationalFoodandWine Festival. The event will take place from Aug.

Last week, I wrote about the Japan and Cheese Booths at Epcot’s InternationalFoodandWine Festival 2013 and made a version of the Teriyaki Chicken Hand Rolls . Today, I’m going over the Scotland, Italy, and Poland Booths and am making Zapiekanka (Polish Mushroom and Cheese Bread)!

Overall, the EpcotInternationalFoodandWine Festival does still feel like a way to fill to the park between peak summer season and the holidays. Nonetheless, it's well-done. There are a few things more enjoyable than biting into a Lefse (served up by an actual Norwegian thanks to Disney's Cultural...

How about tens of internationalfoodand beverage marketplaces from which to sample? How about a concert series with nightly performance from well known

Al fresco foodies and international imbibers everywhere will be drooling to learn that event dates and details are now available for the 2016 EpcotInternationalFood & Wine Festival, which will run from Sept.

Join Lou Mongello as he takes you on a culinary adventure through the 2016 EpcotInternationalFoodandWine Festival… one item at a time in his new

Click a beer for more information including where to find it at the EpcotInternationalFoodandWine Festival.