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This coin is circulated and would be nice to fill a hole in your circulated set.

Anyway, what would you do with fifty dollar coins? It seems rude to pay a restaurant check with a pile of coins, doesn't it? A friend in retail tells me that cash registers do not have a place for dollar coins, so they are a pia.

The coin was designed in collaboration with award-winning contemporary artist and granddaughter of Eddie Mabo, Boneta-Marie Mabo, and features Eddie Mabo, the Torres Strait Island and Australian Aboriginal flag and pamphlets that state "RIGHT WRONGS WRITE YES for ABORIGINES!'.

Blank Presidential Coins With Edge Lettering Only The Faceless Dollar didn't get struck by the coin press, but did get edge lettering!.

This could be done with algebra also, but sometimes it is easier to do it by trial and error.

will be issued starting February 15, 2007. Have you seen the new design? What do you think of the

I like dollar coins, and have always used them when available. The biggest problem comes from merchants, who mostly have cash drawers set up for

In issuing dollar coins with different Presidents, the US Mint actively attempted to profit from this numismatic demand. I know its seems weird that ordinary people ‘losing currency’ and collectors putting away currency forever is a real part of a government’s profit plan with coin issuance, but it’s true.

Do you think the dollar coin will be a success? Coin of the Commanders in Chief Unveiled By David Lawder, Reuters WASHINGTON (Nov. 20) - The U.S. Mint is hoping that Martin Van Buren and Millard Fillmore can do what Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea couldn't -- get Americans to use dollar coins.

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By analogy with this lion dollar, Spanish pesos – with the same weight and shape as the lion dollar – came

Sacagawea dollar coins (2000-Present), Presidential dollar coins (2007-2016), and Native American dollar coins (2009-Present). Here's everything you want to know about US dollar coins, their current values, tips for collecting them -- even ways to buy silver dollars on a budget.

Encrypted Dollar Coin also known as the E-Dollar Coin or ECD is based on open source

those dollar coins, along with the $2 bill make for quick tips. one thing can be said about coins, they don't burn like paper. I would be nice to have a

Using coins instead of paper dollars will save us tons of money, they say. But in a sudden about-face, the White House has just announced that the dollar coins

Well, this question is related. Smart Spending asked if Americans will learn to love the new dollar coins

The coin celebrates the introduction of the US Dollar to these islands this month. So this Dollar is basically a US Dollar.

Sacagawea Dollar on WN Network delivers the latest Videos and Editable pages for News & Events

will this trillion dollar coin help? it'll delay the inevitable for a while, but we're still going to end up in serious financial trouble if our politicians can't contain their

Beginning in 2007, dollar coins will be released with the images of past U.S. presidents. Why, you ask, do they keep trying? Because it would save the government a lot of money if dollar coins were to catch on. A dollar bill costs about 5.7 cents to print, and lasts about 22 months on average.

The latest dollar coin will bear Washington’s image, followed later this year by those of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. A different president will appear on the golden dollar coins every three months. People have strong feelings about their money, even the penny, which...

Dollar coins are not that popular I'm used to this. I love the dollar coins and always have; they're so close in size and, if you leave them in your bag long enough, color to the quarters, all but the most discerning cashier will count them as 25 cents' worth.

U.S. dollar coins through history – The United States Mint has designed many one-dollar coins.

Four coins will be produced every year, finishing out the program in 2017 or so. The reason the ending is vague is because they will not produce a coin for any

This, of course, does not include the number of posts you need to write in order to earn the required

These coin rings are made from 90% silver 1964 JFK half dollars. This listing is made with the

The one dollar coin was first introduced on 14 May 1984. Planning for a one dollar coin commenced as early as the mid-1970s.

A copper-nickel dollar coin with the same size as previous silver dollars was minted from 1971-1978. Some specimens were silver-clad.

They do not mint half dollar coins anymore, but they are still counted as valid currency in the US. One dollar coins are still minted to this day.

Changing to dollar coins would also force businesses and financial institutions to convert equipment to accept the new currency, which would be a time- and money-consuming project.

The copper-nickel clad dollar coins feature both styles, but the 40 percent 1976 dollars were minted and released only with the Type I design, which was struck in 1975.

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These fake coins are easy to detect, as they are almost several grams lighter that a real one. Most of the fake coins are worn because millions of these

I have 3 large coins that are about 3 inches wide. They say Liberty on top and MCMVII and a lady on teh front. On the back is an eagle with United

The Dollar Coin Alliance is a coalition of small businesses, mass transit agencies, budget watchdogs, trade associations, and private companies devoted to saving American taxpayers billions of dollars by modernizing our currency to the $1 coin.