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Due to the setup of the quest lines and progression phases, the current fastest time to unlock all phases and vendors is 29 days , assuming one does all and

My goal is to bring to the reader as many promising MMO's as I can find. With the release of patch 4.2 Firelands Invasion, MoltenFront a new Daily Quest zone in the fashion of Isle of Quel'Danas or Tol Barad became available to players. This new zone is a part of the Firelands region, which is ruled by...

I've been trying to go into MoltenFront for like hours, Also I can't see the questgivers in Sanctuary of Malorne and players around there, I got summoned toMoltenFront and couldn't see the questgivers etc..

Getting started First off, you have to have been to Hyjal before. They aren’t just going to let any schmuck off the street go to the Firelands, you know!

So, you've decided to start raiding Molten Core (MC)? The first thing that you will need to do is aim for 200 buffed FR if you are a melee and around 180 for casters. Hunters can get away with almost zero.

Login or register to be the first to upload a screenshot. The MoltenFront Offensive. 10 Points.

The MoltenFront is somewhat reminiscent of the Isle of Quel'Danas where Horde and Alliance are in close proximity trying to do quests.

I've got an elementalist I boosted to level 80 and I want to make him a Weaver as quickly as possible.

Which map do I usually go to? Dead Tree Forest (170-179) you get about 20-30 coins. I usually Monster Park till I get 8-9 mustaches which

As Varian assigned more soldiers to the MoltenFront, he simply received more body bags in return.

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Toget into MC, simply go talk to the elf. He still offers the old quest, but he will now teleport you even if you haven’t done it. Bonus Edit for those wanting to

Cheapest and fastestwaytoget there: The cheapest waytogetto and from ATL is also the speediest. The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transport Authority, or MARTA, has two lines (the Red line and the Gold line) that terminate at the airport. The ride takes around 15 minutes from downtown...

This is a subreddit made to discuss Moltenwow. This forum is (almost) completely unmoderated, so feel free to post and talk about

The other wayto enter Molten Core is by speaking to Lothos Riftwaker (a non-player character) near the lava in the center of Blackrock Mountain.

My fastest record for maxing all gags on a trapless is 6 days (my toon was 15 laff on day 1). Hopefully this helps max your gags faster like it did for me.

Astral tab is fastest. Another option is getting someone to teleport you, usually at the cost of the runes. Another option is making your wayto the zmi altar and world hopping to the world for it, standing near the altar some one will use group...

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Toget out of the Molten Flow back to the Furnace – jump at the wind updraught at the very start of

Now that you have accounts toget paid to, you will have to find where and how toget paid. First off, don't worry; these sites are (most of them are) over 3 years old, and they have always been up

Molten World of Warcraft just updated to Cataclysm 4.3.4 approximately 2 months ago. I had a level 85 but it got deleted because of inactivity.

Molten Core is one of the earliest raids for the Warcraft game. Running the raid will give you rep for the Hydraxian Waterlords which is easy toget in the first number of raids you do

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Hey, it seems that in F&S like in the original game you need loads of renown to join a faction. I'm just wondering, since i'm on day 122 and still got only 5 renown, is there any fastwayto gain it? In WB you had tournaments but now...

Attunement to the Core Attainable at Level 58 from Lothos Riftwalker. You can find Lothos at the

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Gettingto 10 as fast as possible isn't the best wayto play the game and it won't serve you well in the long run.

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Gettingto Icecrown Citadel from Dalaran is a bit of a pain in the ass. I mean, first of all, there's no flight path, which sucks.

An extremely fastwaytoget fast exp is to play casual in the reserves groups. The players in reserve groups are often 'noobs', and are also filled with bots which you can grind exp off of. I average at least 400-500 exp per game in a reserve group with the weekly multiplier, and I once got over 700 exp from...

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Two things to keep in mind while you're killing your wayto Lucifron. One, the fire elementals will spawn Lava

Toget a quick impression have a look at the screenshots. Features: Fast. No page reloads, molten is a SPA (single page app) and keeps state during navigation. Full access to all salt clients supported via Rest API.

It was an expensive trip toMoltenFront today with my repair bill being in excess of 150G (including one spirit rez due to where my body was) :P.

So What are the FastestWaysto Level 30? Boosting: If you have no time to spare but plenty of money, then hiring someone to boost your account could be a valid choice. However, be prepared to pay a lot of money for the service, as they often don’t come cheap.

There are numerous bugs in your guide for the Moltenfront, all guides regarding it. It really needs revamping so get rid of the problems. There are several way-points and quests are mixed up.

The payoff is too small to take so long to reach. Really, what new lore do we get from the MoltenFront dailies? Once we make it all the way through the

To avoid the lengthy quest run down I’ll point you towards our excellent MoltenFront guide. The key points you’ll want to focus on are all of them, as

According to Leidenfrost, the reason the man’s hand doesn’t melt off is because the interaction between the hot metal and his hand causes water to rapidly

We wondered how to reach Fireplume Peak, but at first we had toget past The Furnace area. Seeing somebody passing the area taking damage but without dying, we decided to