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Schmidt would definitely call himself a ladies man, and does so to all who will listen: “I’m like a sexual snowflake. Each night with me is like a unique

NewGirl is in the early stages of its third season and if you haven’t started watching yet there’s no better time than now, especially with the first two seasons streaming on Netflix.

America's loveable douchebag, Schmidt has managed elevate his NewGirl douchery to something of an art form.

Famous SchmidtNewGirl Quotes. 11. Schmidt Happens. 12. I Had Figure Skating Lessons Since I Was Thirteen, And Then My Mom Sobered Up And

On my patent-pending Scale of NewGirl Implausibility (ranging from “Badger in an Air Vent” to “Winston Is a Cop”

If Schmidt and Fawn marry, will Fawn move in and become the newgirl… or willSchmidt simply disappear?

I’d be lying if I said these GIFs and quotes don’t help the SchmidtNewGirl case.

In NewGirl ‘s first season, Schmidt was introduced as a hilariously high-maintenance playboy with a penchant for saying particularly douchey things (this happened so often he had to put a dollar into the designated douchebag jar whenever he said something particularly offensive) and wearing equally...

It’s in my room next to my Irish walking cape!” And “Damn it! I can’t find my driving moccasins

"NewGirl: Schmidt: And movies are pretty much all sequels now." "And when he lamented the state of

The latest Tweets from SchmidtNewGirl (@SchmidtNewGirl). You consider me a sexy man, correct? And yes I use sculpting chu-ut-i-ney and I must have my driving moccasins!.

Hannah Simone teased Cece and Schmidt's relationship on 'NewGirl' and more with Us Weekly — find out if they might need the loft!

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Last night’s episode of NewGirl — the show’s Season 4 finale titled “Clean Break” — was a half-hour filled with love.

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Iwould like for mynipples to react to sexual stimulation but I guess I don't know what I'm missing so whatev.

I started watching NewGirl because I like Zooey D, but I kept watching because I fell in LOVE with Schmidt.

#8 Schmidt & Jess Appreciation Thread x x S hippers 001. *OldHollywoodStarlet* (Tara) 002. iheartBtVS (Angeleen) 003. effie 004. snatches of.

If anything, I was hoping Schmidt would be successful in breaking Nick and Jess up so we could stop having these scenes between them in bed.

Eric Schmidt’s visit to North Korea.

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NewGirl‘s Schmidt – played to preppy perfection by Max Greenfield – is known for being the funny guy, the neurotic guy, the bordering-on-OCD-about-spiders guy, but he’s also the best-dressed guy on the Fox sitcom. His style is preppy; consider him the loft roommate most likely to have that...

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So you're texting a newgirl and suddenly she stops replying. Here are 5 steps to follow next time you don’t hear back from a girl you like.

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By WillSchmidt | Nov 9, 2015 at 5:10 pm. At SXSW this past year I met an entrepreneur from Tulsa, Oklahoma who was applying his engineering prowess to skateboards through his company SkaterTrainer.