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IoT is the practice of capturing, analyzing, and acting on data generated by networked objects and machines. The Internet, which was introduced to

Energy companies are increasing their investments in analytics, mobile, and InternetofThings capabilities. These investments will help them to

Internetof Your Things: Benefit from the Azure platform to handle mission critical and complex measurements inOilandGas. Overcome High Latency and Low Speed. Another challenge in the Oil & Gas world is to manage the life of workers stationed on offshore oiland drilling rigs and floating...

Industrial InternetofThings and digital transformation inoilandgas - experts from Halliburton, ENI, OMV and Petronas share their views.

Upstream oilandgas operations identify deposits, drill wells and recover raw materials from underground.

With the significant fall in crude oil prices, the OilandGas industry is in a dilemma whether to invest in latest technologies like InternetofThings (IoT) or whether to stay put with its current legacy technology like SCADA, PLC, DCS, HMI Devices etc.

Smart oilandgas have been, and will continue to be, long-evolving processes. The InternetofThings didn’t dramatically change these fields, but wireless technology does put gas and oil companies at a unique advantage. In fact, I believe they are well-positioned to make some of their biggest strides now...

The InternetofThings (IoT) is transforming the oilandgas industry at a rapid pace, with industry experts projecting that IoT solutions could eliminate unplanned well

The InternetofThings (IoT) is transforming many industries including OilandGas. From Remote Operations to Analytics, IoT

Monitor and optimize oilandgas assets and production, from the enterprise to the well, the refinery

Hundreds of millions of connected wired and wireless pressure, level, flow, temperature, vibration, acoustic, position, analytical, and other sensors are installed and operating in the industrial sector, and millions

Advances in the 'Industrial InternetofThings' (IIoT) are poised to revolutionise this asset-intensive industry at a time when it is needed the most. Leveraging new technology to accelerate production, efficiency, and safety and to maximise cost-saving benefits. The OilandGasIoT Summit will bring...

Streamline Processes from Wellhead to Revenue with the InternetofThings. Stephane Lauzon, Director, Oil & Gas Industry.

Although the oilandgas industry has been highly automated and connected for decades, the InternetofThings (IoT) will touch nearly every area of O&G operations and

Jonas Berge will share his insights in how oil & gas producers can improve operational performance by adopting the Industrial InternetofThings technology.

Thing is any device or sensor which has some information about the context or its environment and it has some way to communicate this information to the internet.

2017 saw oilandgas companies direct significant investment toward “smart technologies” to improve efficiency while reducing costs simultaneously. According to prominent energy news outlets, the focus on smart technologies is set to continue throughout 2017 via the InternetofThings (IoT).

As the InternetofThings’ (IoT) network of devices, sensors and software brings about change in consumers’ daily lives, this particular industry is lagging behind. Oilandgas have been facing challenges, largely attributed to the antiquated and inefficient approach that many companies take to...

The InternetofThings (IoT) has been accepted as the solution to meet these challenges by the oilandgas companies. In addition to the use of Supervisory

Today, oilandgas companies are grappling with a major challenge: How to use technology to better address fluctuations in demand and pricing.

Great, the InternetofThings, also called IOT, is alive and well in our everyday lives. And it’s taking hold in the oil patch, too, with everything from air quality

In spite of the fact that US oil boom has reached its peak so far and oil & gas companies are making tremendous profits, oil & energy

Future 2025: InternetofThings and the Upstream Oil 2025: InternetofThings and the Upstream OilandGas Industry Tim Morgan Managing Director Sullexis Houston, TX OCTOBER 2015Documents.

The InternetofThings offers exciting opportunities to improve urban infrastructure and to promote faster transportation. TechRepublic senior editor Teena Hammond reports that several metropolises — primarily in Europe — have adopted "smart city" strategies to reduce congestion and improve...

Oilandgas companies combine the IoT, machine learning and the cloud for greater management of remote facilities and tank collection sites so they can act in real-time as safety

Corporate venture investments by oilandgas companies hit record highs in 2016 and 2017, after a slight dip following the 2014 crash inoil prices. These investments have been concentrated in clean tech companies and technologies with the potential to improve operations.

As the Industrial InternetofThings becomes mainstream, oilandgas companies are able to make decisions “on the edge”

With the advent of IoTinOil & Gas industry (O&G), it has been highly automated and connected. InternetofThings has touched nearly every area

Industrial IoT Solutions from a leading InternetofThings company based in Chicago and Dallas, we offer a wide array of an internetofthings applications, get in touch with our IoT consultant.

Fuel intelligence driven oilandgas communications. The results are in! Learn how 400+ Energy workers are communicating today and

The advent of InternetofThings (IoT) technology in the oilandgas industry enables operators to harness, analyze and act on large data sets from the myriad physical assets employed in the extraction and transportation of fossil fuels. By unlocking and aggregating previously unavailable or disparate...

The internetofthings (IOT), although not a new idea, is growing in popularity as technology continues to expand. With smartphones in most of our pockets, it’s becoming easier to control the world around us. It goes farther than turning on the lights and heat on in your house as you walk through the door...

InOilandGas and other sectors, the Industrial InternetofThings (IIOT) discussion has been dominated by the technologies and benefits of analytics or smart self-optimizing machines in industry. Similarly, strategies for smart infrastructure and cities have focused on embedded sensors...

Do you speak the language of oil & gas industry? When procurement specialist or engineers search the Internet for a solution, do you know

Enabling field intelligence inOilandGas Extraction, Petroleum Refining, Electrical andGas Services.

The InternetofThings (IoT) is essentially an integration of sensors, communications, and data analytics which work to accomplish four main business objectives relevant to the

The internetofthings may be the next big thing for a lot of industries, but in the oilandgas sector, remote monitoring of oil rigs and wells has been around for more than a decade. Even so, the high cost and complexity of creating the infrastructure and collecting the data has limited the number of assets...

As IoTinOilandGas enables real-time tracking, quick decisions after various hazardous situations help in keeping the environment safe and sustainable.

By bringing the InternetofThings into the energy industry, oilandgas companies can not only better manage their existing assets, supply chains, or customer relationships, but also gather information about these elements of their businesses.

Sensing and InternetofThings Sensing.

The internetofthings is a digital ecosystem created by the combination of ever-increasing amounts of machinery packed with sensors; the spread of internet

OilandGas Operational Excellence Through Mobility and the Industrial InternetofThings. It is no secret that low oilandgas prices are changing the

OilandGas can drive tremendous benefits from Big Data and Analytics assuming the data can flow to GCP. You will see examples of how Google Cloud IoT can ...