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You may also receive This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine Build 7600/7601 error since the license of Windows OS that you are using is terminated or blocked. If you share your Windows license with other people, like friends or family members, Microsoft can stop your certificate due to use in multiple...

This is very annoying when you get an error like “This Copy of Windows is not genuine” OR “ Windows 7 Not Genuine” on Windows 7, this is because either you are not running a genuine

This is because either you are not running a genuine copy of Windows or your license got expired, there is also a chance that a windows update can cause this problem, in all these three cases you get an error at the computer start-up that Windows is not genuine, and also computer background...

Windows is not genuine Your computer might not be running a counterfeit copy of Windows. 0x80070005. This error usually appears when your windows are either outdated

What Does This Copy of Windows Not Genuine mean? Most of the People get this error after installing build 7600/7601 KB970133 update.

Windows 7 Build 7601 This copy of Windows is not genuine. You’ll probably also get occasional pop-ups or see messages in other parts of Windows.

This error message appears in most versions of Windows, such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1 and Windows 10.

If you see This copy of Windows is not genuine message on your Windows 10/8/7 black desktop, this post suggests ways on how to remove & fix it.

In Short Hacks: This Copy of Windows is not Genuine?? Are you also facing the same error? Windows is still one of the most and majorly used operating system around the

I faced this issue in my windows 7 PC/Laptop and i fixed with below working two procedures.

Getting Windows 7 Not Genuine Error "this copy of windows is not genuine" Here tweak to Reset license and reactive Windows 7 for 360days for free.

Follow these steps to resolve This copy of Window is not genuine error. 1. From the Start menu option, go to Settings. 2. Click on Update & Security

You can come across this error in any version of Windows, but this message is extremely common for all the Windows 7 operating system users. It can be really irritating at times if you are seeing very frequently “This copy of Windows is not genuine” notification on your computer screens.

if you’re getting this copy of windows is not genuine error in the startup with the black screen then this method will help you to fix the issue permanently. When you’re using pirated Windows 7 then there will be one con of it, and that is when your PC connects to internet, then Windows 7 send some...

Windows is not genuine Your computer might not be running a counterfeit copy of Windows. 0x80070005.

Many Windows 10 users have reported this problem with this copy of windows is not genuine. This is very frustrating especially when you are in the middle

Solution 2 to fix This Copy of Windows is not Genuine error includes installation of Windows 7 permanent activator software. It is a 4.5 MB (approx) setup file free from all malware and viruses. Run it, install it and you windows 7 will be activated permanently as newly purchased.

This error usually arise in windows 7 build 7600 and build 7601. This not a genuine copy of windows 7 error mostly occurs when you’re using a pirated copy of windows and not a official one from

Then, in this case, you have to face this problem of windows activation error. Finally, the wait is over, I will share a post of permanent solution of “remove this copy of windows is not genuine 7601″. We gave you a complete step-by-step process on how you can fix this windows not genuine error...

If you are always facing This Windows is Not Genuine error on your PC. Then you can simply follow these easy steps by steps Guide & Fix it.

hey buddies! In todays technical world 90 percent of the PC users prefer windows operating system for their business and personal needs.

Windows 7 background suddenly changes to the black screen and there are watermarks like “Windows 7 Build 7601/7600” and “This copy of Windows is not genuine” in the bottom-right of the black screen.

The message of this copy of windows is not genuine is not favorable for any person when he/she checks it on the PC. Find best solutions.

You can fix this error in your Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. These methods will fix Build 7600, 7601 and 9600 error. Users can fix all the error related to Windows is not a genuine issue.

Generally this error -“This copy of windows is not genuine” popups when Windows License key of your Installed OS is expired or you have installed copy of

It's important to validate your genuine copy of Windows, or it'll stop working. Here's how to do that.

This Also Restricts Some of the Main Features of Windows OS, Hence We Have to Fix it.

These are some of the related errors which may occur when you are using the pirated version of Windows OS without genuine Windows License. However, the fixes for all these related errors are the same. There are in fact two primary reasons why the This Copy of Windows, not Genuine Error...

this same irritating error message “This copy of Windows in not genuine”. I guess you are fed up on this, do you think you’ll have to stress your pocket to get this fixed?

This cannot convert a pirate copy of Windows to a genuine one. If you like to use all features of Windows 7 and receive updates, you should

But the actual reason behind This Copy Of Windows is Not Genuine Build 7600 / 7601 Error is. You might have installed cracked or pirated version of

Here is the method for This copy of windows is not genuine fix in any Windows 7 & Vista.

On one day a window will appear in Windows XP and shows a notification saying “ you may be a victim of software Counterfeiting This copy of Windows not passed the Genuine

You may get This Copy of Windows is not Genuine build 7601 Windows PC error when you are installing the Windows 7 O.S. (operating

Hey Guys, Sometimes you may face“This Copy of Windows is not genuine” error when you install windows 7 on your PC.

But there are cases—in fact majority of cases—when the copy/key is not genuine, and after a specific time, you start getting the annoying notification saying “This