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Adjust the temperature settings inyour house. Set your systems to a slightly lower or higher temperature than it is outside, when you can.

One powerful wayto minimize theenvironmental impact of driving is to trade inyour clunker for a more eco-friendly vehicle.

Concerned about theenvironment but feeling overwhelmed by all the issues out there? Feeling discouraged about how you as an individual can really make a difference?

One of the easiest waystohelptheenvironment is to start cycling. Scale back your car use and instead using bikes.

The best wayto get the community involved in this sort of endeavor is to make the garden a shared project for your neighborhood or town.

9. Campaign to create a nursery inyour local shelter, or help maintain an existing one.

Making the effort to conserve water greatly helpstheenvironment and also keeps your monthly water bill low. 5. Choose Eco-Friendly Producers.

What better place to initiate your efforts to save theenvironment than your home? You can contribute your bit by following some simple steps.

Window To My Environmenthelps you make a map of yourcommunity with links to data and information about air quality, water quality

The results of the analysis, published in the journal Climactic Change in 2014, found that meat eaters contributed to twice as many greenhouse gas emissions as vegans.

In the 1990s, environmental scientists Dr. Mathis Wackernagel and Dr. William Rees estimated that

Or putting it in the closet/unplugging it while you wait for the Olympics or something you really want to see. You can watch TV-shows via DVD, Itunes or the websites of

Whatever size your garden is, it helpstheenvironmentin lots of ways. But, of course, we could all be doing more tohelp reduce the human impact on theenvironment and the world we live

Just hang your clothes outside in the day, and let your clothes dry with the help of solar energy. It may take a little more than 5 minutes for them to dry, but

Saving the planet sounds huge, doesn’t it? Check out this list of fifty easy waysto go green, and save our environment.

Making small steps and adjustments inyour daily routine will give you a sense of success and a yearning to attempt more. Here are 5 simple waysto solve environmental problems and

...to write about theenvironment.Most specifically about waystohelptheenvironment.There is no denying that every single day our environment is suffering

Looking for a unique wayto celebrate Earth Day with your kids this year? These eco-friendly ideas will help your whole family get into the act when it comes to protecting theenvironment.

Lead the fight for conservation efforts inyour own community. Lobby your local town hall for better environmental practices throughout local neighborhoods.

Research in the United States shows that food packaging amounts to two-thirds of the overall packaging waste. Just like food, they end up in pits

Calculate your environmental footprint to see how much impact just one person has one the world’s resources, and adjust accordingly.

In this thread all you have to do is list waysto easily helptheenvironment. I'll start: 1.) Recycle- By recycling, factories will use only 30% of the energy needed to make new goods from scratch.

Water your lawn in the early morning, when the water will soak in and not evaporate in the heat of the day. Don’t water more than once a week, and then

Please click the link below to add your name to the campaign to end the trade in tiger products.

Some waysto make theenvironment a better place would be to take a shorter shower or turn off the water

3. Lower the thermostat on your water heater to 120. 4. Wrap your water heater in an insulated blanket. 5. Turn down or shut off your water heater

By adding filtration to your water system, your employees can get fresh water from the tap in the break room. You can also invest in a water

Here are five waystohelptheenvironment. By focusing on these areas you can have a more positive impact on the planet

Clean the lint filter inyour dryer after every load so that it uses less energy to remove said lint (eliminate blockages).

In Australia, we’re blessed to have some of the most diverse wildlife in the world. Australia’s geographic isolation has meant that over many

The clue to how global warming works is in the name of one of its aspects, namely the ‘greenhouse effect’. The reason for this is that a greenhouse offers an

It's a simple wayto make yourcommunity better and help to create the kind of vibe that makes people feel safe and happy.

If you want to get involved, start inyour local community. There are easy waystohelptheenvironment that start with your local creek

Protecting theenvironment is essential if we want to preserve the flora and fauna of the natural world for future generations.Below are 10 simple waysto conserve theenvironment.

When it comes to theenvironment, it’s difficult to make big changes on your own. You can’t singlehandedly clean every littered street in the

Our environment is being polluted at an alarming rate, but here's 10 easy, sustainable things we can all do to turn things around for future generations.

In environmental terms, that means the positive impacts of changing the way we live in order to benefit the planet are not as motivating as the