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How is the chickenrice? When we order chickenrice at WeeNamKee, a fragrant bowl of chicken broth will come first, followed by chicken and rice.

Singapore's national dish is Hainanese ChickenRice and one of those things you have to have when you visit Singapore. Business lunch and wanted local food, so WeeNamKee it was - and I was quite happy. The consistent good reviews are for a...More.

Unfortunately, WeeNamKee doesn’t do other Hainanese dishes to complement the chickenrice.

WeeNamKee is among my top Chicken and Rice places in Singapore, in part, because it's just a great gathering place for friends and family

Overall, a satisfying lunch at WeeNamKeeChickenRice (United Square). Most of the items performed well, especially the rice. The chicken was not so impressive that day. Ratings: Food: 3 Service: 2 Value: 3 Atmosphere: 2 Overall Rating: 3 TOPs.

Price: ~$5, 97 Reviews, 213 Wishlisted. Featured in Friday Night Do It Right. Find out what the community is saying and what dishes to order at WeeNamKeeChickenRice (United Square).

The concept started off as a chickenrice specialty shop. Over time, this simple heritage hawker evolved to become a family restaurant serving up a broad range of Nanyang-inspired dishes to complement our famous signature Hainanese dish.

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About WeeNamKee in the Philippines. WeeNamKee is a popular restaurant chain serving Hainanese chicken and rice dishes as well as tofu dishes, various soups, noodle dishes and seafood. Hainanese chickenrice was adapted from the cuisine brought to Singapore by immigrants from southern China.

WeeNamKee Hainanese ChickenRice Restaurant United Square Shopping Mall Unit 01-8 (Note: The Restaurant has moved from Novena Ville to United Square) Opening Hours: 10:30am – 10:00pm Daily. Other Locations: Marina Square, Parkway Parade, 112 Katong, and Philippines – Ayala Triangle...

WeeNamKee is yet another reputed name for chickenrice, though their version ($5) seemed quite average to us. For the price, we would rather go to the Bugis Street Stall as the price is lower there even though the flavour profiles are similar. The rice was rather one dimensional as it lacked...

Founded in 1989, WeeNamKeeChickenRice is a family restaurant serving a wide range of Nanyang-inspired dishes to complement their signature Hainanese ChickenRice. Some of the customer favourites on the menu include such delicacies as Curry Fish Head, Cereal Prawns...

WeeNamKee is also probably the most successful chickenrice chain in the world. Besides Singapore, their branches can also be found in Japan, Philippines and Indonesia. I guess it’s only a matter of time they venture into the Malaysian market as well.

WeeNamKee is one of the few names that always pop up when people talk about their favourite Hainanese chickenrice, along with Boon Tong Kee, Tian Tian and a couple of others. Sure enough, a friend of mine proclaims it to be his favourite, and so we head down one afternoon to try it out.

The roasted chicken is better than steamed, ask for boneless to make it easier to eat. Also try t.

22 reviews of WeeNamKeeChickenRice "If my latest check-in says I've been here 15x, then I have to give this place 5 Stars.

אני כבר לאכול בחוץ בוי נאם Kee במשך יותר מ -10 שנים ואני יהיה להכריז כי זה אורז עוף הטוב ביותר, ככל שאני מודאג. העוף הוא עסיסי, טעים ועסיסי.

WeeNamKee. Considered Singapore’s national dish, Hainanese chickenrice is a beloved staple for many. It’s made up of a fragrant bowl of chicken broth, a pile of fluffy rice, and tender poached chicken (skin on), as well as condiments like ginger paste, dark soy sauce, and chili sauce—and...

WeeNamKee. I’m not sure if I mentioned this before but I am not too keen on authentic Chinese cuisine. If however the food has been cooked

WeeNamKee memang salah satu nama penjual nasi hainan terkenal dengan ayam kukus dan ayam panggangnya di Singapura. Didirikan oleh Wee Toon Oout pada tahun 1989, bisnis keluarga ini telah bertahan selama 2 generasi dan kini telah memiliki 4 cabang, termasuk satu yang ada di Makansutra...

Founded in 1989, the local chickenrice restaurant WeeNamKee has since spread to Japan, Indonesia, and Philippines. While specialising in Hainanese-style poached chicken, the restaurant also offers a variety of other Chinese dishes such as roasted chicken, steamed fish, stir-fried prawns...

#3. WeeNamKeeChickenRice 101 Thomson Road, United Square Shopping Centre #01-08 Singapore 307591 T: 6255 6396 10am-12am Other outlets: Novena Ville, Marina Square, 112 Katong, & Makansutra Gluttons Bay. Chicken: A very great bite, chewy and tender, and super flavorful.

WeeNamKee has got the secrets to the perfect Hainanese ChickenRice down pat. It is in how the chicken is cooked (definitely NOT overcooked, just brought to one boil ever so lightly, and then left to simmer in the broth for between half to a couple of hours); how the rice is cooked; how the...

NamKee…… This place brings back such memories for me, and is near and dear to my heart. It’s not to be confused with “WeeNamKee” by the way, which is another Hainanese chickenrice

With four outlets now across Singapore, WeeNamKee Hainanese ChickenRice still manages to maintain the same quality to its dishes. The popular Singaporean brand has also been crown Top Hawker at AsiaOne People's Choice Award 2010.

CHICKENRICE CHILLI SAUCE Used as dipping sauce. Usage: For dipping boiled chicken, or as a dipping souce for steamboat poached items.

Anyway WeeNamKee moved to the Novena locale for many years now. I remember in the past they used to market their chickenrice as one that is made with no garlic. I am not sure whether it is the case nowadays.

WeeNamKee's specialty is Roasted ChickenRice. Although the Roasted Chicken here isn't as good as the one Novena, it more than gets the job done in satisfying one's cravings. If you are in the Katong Area, Delicious Boneless ChickenRice in Katong Shopping Centre is still the top ChickenRice draw...

WeeNamKee is another household name and has remained a local favourite for more than 2 decades now. It serves delicious fragrant chickenrice with tender chicken meat. And another good reason for it making this list- it has many outlets islandwide, two being in locations easily accessible from main...

WeeNamKee imports these yellow chickens from Malaysia and they serve it in two (2) ways: Hainanese or steamed, and roasted.

WeeNamKee is located in the Basement of the Lotte Department Store at 81 Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Euljiro 1 station (line 2) and come out of exit 7 which will lead you directly into the Lotte deparment store. Keep walking straight until you reach the B1 floor.

Hainanese ChickenRice concept, with 23 over years of experience behind us. Voted Top Hawker in the recent Asiaone People's Choice Award.

WeeNamKee offered three condiments: dark soy, ginger, and chili. All were strongly flavored and I liked using all three together to create a more balanced bite.

WeeNamKee in Singapore is great. It is legitimately one of the best places to get Hainanese ChickenRice. With the local franchise however, something became lost in translation. You don't really know what could have gone wrong. Could it be the change in water, chicken, or spices?