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With a Bachelors in Archaeology, you'll learn the fundamental skills of archaeology to help you get a job as an archeologist, field technician, or lab technician. An archaeologist works in the discovery, classification and conservation of archeological artifacts and remains. According to the BLS, the 2010...

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Whatdoes a CEO of a start-up do? This question was originally answered on Quora by Heidi Zak.

How Much Does a Archaeologist Make? Archaeologists made a median salary of $62,280 in 2017. The best-paid 25 percent made $81,170 that

Onadailybasis, a surgeon diagnoses conditions in patients, performs surgical procedures and provides patients with postoperative care. The surgeon is also responsible for managing and leading the surgical team, which may consist of members such as an anesthesiologist, a surgical assistant and an...

Whatdoes a bookkeeper do all day? The majority of the work revolves around numbers, particularly using various accounting principles and math skills to keep

But, wait, what exactly does it mean? Many stories in the news ran amok on this, stating that this is clear evidence for pre-Columbian trans-Atlantic

What are the samples? Whatdo you want done with them? How are we getting paid? This is mostly web forms and SQL, and I go in to fix data much

Most archaeologists have a degree in archaeology or a relevant subject such as conservation. A full driving licence is often required by employers

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Tweet on Twitter. Whatdo Nurses doonadailybasis? That depends a lot on his or her specialty and place of employment.

When did you know it was what you wanted to do? Although I grew up with a love of history and of the outdoors, I didn’t realize I wanted to be an archaeologist until I was 23 and was nearly

It takes a special individual to do what archaeologistsdo, and there are some perks and not so nice aspects of the field, but you have to be willing

WhatDoArchaeologistsDo? Archaeology is an area of study that focuses on the study of humans through material remains both recent and ancient. The study of archaeology provides a unique perspective on human development, culture...

For people interested in archaeology, the information about what tools doarchaeologists use would prove to be helpful. Archaeology is all about

Archaeologist: job description. Archaeologists study human history by examining artefacts, which range from prehistoric tools and buildings to animal bones and tiny

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“We find small things onadailybasis,” said Lynn Evans, curator of archaeology for Mackinac State Historic Parks.

I am pretty sure I want to go into engineering, but I am really curious as to what engineers doonadailybasis. I have this vague and somewhat childish idea that it is just a bunch of people in overalls tinkering with machine parts. That just shows how little I really know. I'm looking for kind of an insider's...

Why doarchaeologists dig? What with? How do they do it? Show pictures, videos etc. of Dr Diane Davies’s excavations or use the 5 W’s. What skills does an archaeologist need? Students could create a job description (or the teacher could write one) based on the following features: ability to...

SKILL: Archaeologists who do well in their careers have multiple skills and fields of expertise.

what questions do they ask? how do they explain the data? In the early days of "archaeology", for example from the times of Napoleon Bonaparte

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Whatdid they call themselves? The native peoples who lived in Florida left no written records so we have no way of knowing how they referred to themselves. The names given by archaeologists to the various prehistoric cultures are usually based on the sites where these cultures were first identified.

Whatdoes survive? What are some of the coolest finds from the project? There was so much utility installation that occurred in the early 20th century, but there are

Wondering how to become a Marine Archaeologist? Check out the Marine Archaeologist job description, salary range, skills required and related

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Here is a question about skills required for an archaeological career. What skills doarchaeologists need? You must be versatile, resourceful, curious and

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Generally speaking, professional archaeologists will teach, both applied archaeology and other subjects

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Rubin: “So do you mind me asking, why do you travel to these places?” Me: “I’m an archaeologist.”

Archaeologists have to use particular tools to excavate their sites. Some of these tools are very specialised and expensive, and