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A groupoffish is called shoal or school offish. Most fish tend to swim in groups to protect themselves from predators. The collective noun which denotes such a group depends on the species of the fish in the group, as exemplified by the terms a...

A simple groupoffish is called a "shoal." It can contain a number of species. Shoaling makes it easier for fish to find food because more individuals are on

A groupoffishes is called a school offish. In commercial fishing, a very large groupoffish may look on the sonar like a shoal ( an area where the sea floor is relatively close to the surface, and will be called a shoal offish.

If "a groupoffish" sounds a little bit odd to you, you might want to read this article to learn about how to correctly refer to a whole bunch offish.

The collective noun for fish is the word you would use to describe a groupoffish. We have identified the following word(s) that you could call a groupoffish

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A bed. Whatis a groupof sloths called? A sloth or a sleuth. Whatis a groupof bears called? A murder or a horde.

To ask ‘whatis a fish’ is not an easily answered question as the fishgroup is such a diverse one.

Fish are one groupof these animals. Some English speakers aren’t sure how to refer to more than one fish.

There is just no way you are not going to find this interesting. Below is a (semi) complete list of what you would call various groupsof animals. I absolutely love the Victorian flair. An exaltation of larks? A shiver of sharks? Fantastic. Feel free to break these out in conversation. "Science is the poetry…

Whatis a groupoffishcalled? School. What sharp-toothed river fish of South America is highly feared despite rarely attacking humans? Piranha. What type offish are trout closely related to?

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... a herd. But I also need to know how do you call a groupof... -sheep (>flock?) -bees -fish -elephants -birds -wolves (>pack?) -puppies -deer -lions.

Whatis a fish? The cyprinid fish (8mm) and the whale shark (12m) are some of the smallest and largest fish in

Some fish tend to swim in groups in order to protect themselves from their predators. The collective noun which denotes such a group depends on the

A groupof dolphins is called a pod, a groupoffish is called a school, and a groupof crows is called a murder. But whatis a groupof jellyfish called? Many refer to groupsof jellyfish as blooms or swarms, but they can also be called a "smack."

Take the Quiz: One Fish, Two Fish. There are many different ways to count animals this quiz will show some of them!

9 Answers - Posted in topics: fish, group - Answer: Could be shoal, school, pod. I'd generally say shoal, though.

It is a hot debate: Many claim that fish is not meat, while others insist thatit is. Many vegetarians eat fish, claiming that fish is not in the same category as meats like beef or pork (the term for this sect is Pescatarian). However, fish is clearly an animal, and their tasty fillets are made of animal protein...

Members of this group were generally small and heavily armored and lacked paired fins. They moved along the bottom of the sea where they preyed upon a

Rohu is a species of carp family, found in rivers of Indian subcontinent and extensively used in aquaculture. The large silver coloured Rohu fish is an important aquacultured freshwater species and very commonly eaten in India and also considered a delicacy in Bhojpur.

Bony fishes are a groupof aquatic vertebrates characterized by having a skeleton made of bone.

Need synonyms for "groupoffish"? Here's 6 fantastic words you can use instead.

Why aregroupsof flamingos called a flamboyance of flamingos or moles called a company of moles! Some of the words come from behavior such as schooling behavior, although im not sure which word came first. Others have been made up just for fun!

An aspect offish physiology called osmoregulation highlights a major difference saltwater and freshwater fish.

A groupoffish is called a "School" offish, which is why it's in Finding Nemo

What do you call a groupof alligators? There are several answers. One of the collective nouns for a groupof alligators is a "Congregation". Below is an example sentence. The large fish swam as fast as possible from the congregation of alligators.

The fish family tree also revealed thatfish diversity only exploded in the last 100 million years or so. But the strangest finding was what sat at the base of the tree.

So, whatis this kind offish and where can it be found? Sturgeon isn’t one kind offish but rather twenty different kinds. The groupoffishcalled sturgeons are

What we think of as the typical fish – goldfish, minnows, salmon – are “bony fish” belonging to Class Osteichthyes.

The name for a collective groupof owls is a parliament but what other strange and cool names are there for groupsof animals? Here's an A-Z!

Groupsof people and groupsof animals have some very interesting names. This page takes you

Understand the different types offish to order at your local seafood restaurant, with the advice of our expert

Most of my current fish, are very small. I call most of them by group names.

Called the Osteichthyes, this group includes fishthat have fins that are ray-like and thosethat are lobe-like.

Fish are part of the meat and beans group. Fish contain healthy oils, so you should choose to eat it frequently in place of meat and poultry.

There are actually two types offish aggregations, shoals and schools. A shoal is a looser group, sometimes consisting of different species that hang out together (often temporarily) but are not organized. Schools are highly structured with coordinated movements and a common direction.

Some estimate that half of the living things that come into contact with that cyanide will die immediately. As you may have already guessed, wondering what kind offish Dory is is a little bit more of a loaded question than just finding out her species.

This is what Roman physician Scribonius Largus prescribed in his Compositiones Medicae in 46 AD

A groupoffishcalled the lungfish have developed lungs because they live in rivers and pools which dry up in certain parts of the year.

Freshwater fishes may now be the most threatened groupof vertebrates, based on more than 5,000 species assessed, to date, by the IUCN (Reid et al., 2013).

They belong to a groupoffishescalled the elasmobranchs. All elasmobranchs have 1) skeletons made of cartilage (the flexible material that makes up the