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When you are in charge of the operation of a boat in the waters of Canada, certain rules apply and will be enforced. The days of just hopping into a

To obtain your PleasureCraft Operator Card (PCOC), you need to pass the Transport Canada Boating Safety Test. One way to access the test is by taking

PleasureCraft Operator Card. Q. How long will it take for the Card to arrive after I’ve passed the exam?

PleasureCraft. Cruising the water with total peace of mind. Ideally, relaxing on your boat in the great

In Canada, all persons who operateapleasurecraft must carry proof of competency on board if the pleasurecraft has any type of motor, including an electric trolling

Boat Handling inRoughWater: A number of emails addressed the issue of losing control of the boat while running with the seas.

The company claims the machine hit 55 mph on water and 75 mph on snow carrying three to five during testing. It's capable of operating in temperatures as low

Operating within a Near Coastal Voyage, Class 2 as defined in the Vessel Certificates Regulations.

The Competency of Operators of PleasureCraft Regulations require all operators of pleasurecraft fitted with any type of motor and used for recreational purposes

With the increase of pirates in the area, it resulted to the Smooth Sailing’s operating performance to decline. Not only was the operating performance

Apleasurecraft (or pleasure boat) is a boat used for personal, family, and sometimes sportsmanlike recreation. Such watercraft are divided into two

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The pleasurecraft is any type of boat that is used specifically for the benefit of the owner. As such, such a craft is enjoyed for recreational purposes only, and is not utilized in any type of business or moneymaking venture. It will include a motor and full steering controls that make it possible to use the...

Pleasurecraft means any craft which is intended for use within the port exclusively for sport or pleasure purposes, but does not include any craft which is

Non-residents operating their pleasurecraftin Canadian waters for more than 45 consecutive days are required to obtain an Operator Card.

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APleasureCraft Licence is issued to a vessel used for fishing as a sport, for water sports, or pleasure purposes and includes a recreational platform.

The PCOC is mandatory for anyone operatingapleasurecraft with any type of motor, and the operator

Small-craft advisories kept pleasurecraftin harbors from Point Conception to the Mexican border Sunday morning.

Holding tank requirements for pleasurecraftin designated areas are outlined in the PleasureCraft Sewage Pollution Prevention Regulations and apply to pleasurecraft fitted with marine toilets.

Operating the craftin a careless manner or without due care. Operating the craft under any sort of

PleasureCrafts are boats, ships, vessels or all other water crafts that are used exclusively for pleasure and do not carry passengers or goods for

If you own a boat or pleasurecraft, you don't necessarily need to register or get a licence if you want to keep or use it on inland waterways.

The rough-in is a critical phase of construction. Here's what you need to know about the work to be

These requirements apply whenoperatingapleasurecraft fitted with a motor used for recreational purposes.

Pleasurecraftin the NT do not require registration and operators are not required to hold a licence to drive apleasurecraft. However, minimum requirements for safety equipment have been determined for all pleasurecraft. It is important that operators familiarise themselves with safety equipment...

However, in order to operatea powered pleasurecraft, an operator must hold some form of proof of competency such as a PCO Card, just as

However, in order to operatea powered pleasurecraft, an operator must hold some form of proof of competency such as a PCO Card, just as

All pleasurecraft operators in Hong Kong must hold Local Certificates of Competency as aPleasure Vessel Operator, a requirement to ensure safety in the high traffic local waters. The Hong Kong Yachting Association represents the interests of pleasurecraft operators on Government committees...

In respect of apleasurecraft, means the waterline at the recommended maximum gross load capacity. What is the draft? Draft is defined as the depth of water that a boat needs in order to float freely. A boat’s Draft is measured as the distance from the waterline to the lowest point of the hull.

You can get your PleasureCraft Operator Card online or in person. Either way, it involves taking a short course and passing a test at the end of it.

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PleasureCraft Regulations. The Merchant Shipping Regulations apply to all vessels under the UK flag and vessels in UK waters or operating from UK ports.

Roughwater is a pretty broad description though that varies for the swimmer according to wind direction and swim direction.

If you operatea motorized boat in Canada, you need aPleasureCraft Operator Card. The federal law applies to all ages, all boat lengths and all engine

Pleasurecraft operators must be aware of them and they must also be aware of how they regulate the operation of their vessels.

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