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Tellingyourkidsyou’ve begun a romantic relationship with someone new is tricky. It’s an uncomfortable conversation to have – particularly if it’s the first time youre having it since separating from your family partner. There are ways, however, to soften the blow...

It's hard whenyour children, whom you love and would do anything for, tellyouyou're mean or, worse, they hate you.

It can be a blow to the ego and a challenge to your pride, and whenyoure in …

That’s when I really have to clarify with them. I think tellingyourkids that youre pregnant can be really fun. I don’t imagine that it would be difficult.

How do you feel when people say that you're too young to have kids, whenyou're a kid yourself?

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For example, tellingyourkids that the family pet has gone to a farm upstate when the animal is actually dead is a good example of this common mistake that parents make.

3) Yourebad at maths because you don’t ride a bike Besides being yourkids most wanted Christmas present, bikes are money printing machines.

The age of yourkids should help guide you in what you share about the divorce. You may also want to consider the maturity and development of each of

Instead of the ambivalent examples above, try: “You need to join us for dinner now.” “Please pick up your shoes.

You think youre holding it together…youre trying to keep your cool, and then WHAM, all of a sudden youre yelling at yourkids. Sometimes our anger seems to come out of nowhere – something completely normal for our kids to do pushes us to yelling when the day before we would have just...

Technology has changed kids’ behavior (for the worse). istock/Sasa Dinic. Kids used to go out and play after school and resolve problems on their own. Now, with computers and TV, they lack the skills to communicate. They don’t know how to get past hurt feelings without telling the teacher and having...

Whenyoure away from home, consider using a car or a nearby seating area as a time-out place. When the unacceptable behavior occurs, tell the

You know you're in love whenyou can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” ― Dr. Seuss.

For example, whenyou're walking the dog, helping with the dishes, or driving in the car. Think about what you need.

If you're a parent who frequently yells at yourkids, see if any of these excuses resonate: But... my kids don't listen if I don't yell.

Tellingyourkids about your pending divorce may be the most difficult conversation you'll ever have. Even if the announcement isn't a huge surprise -- perhaps you're already separated or you've been arguing constantly -- it's only natural for children to want their parents and their family to stay together.

Express encouragement whenyourkidstell the truth. "That must have been difficult for you to tell me what really happened.

If your child comes home from school and tellsyou that another child has pushed or tripped or even hit him or her, what do you say?

Trouble is, whenyou routinely tellyourkids, "Don't bother me" or "I'm busy," they internalize that message, says Suzette Haden Elgin, Ph.D., founder of the Ozark Center for Language Studies, in Huntsville, Arkansas. "They begin to think there's no point in talking to you because you're always...

It's not easy to respond calmly whenyou're feeling angry with someone, but that's what it takes to find a solution. Try these ideas next time anger bubbles up.

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Whenyoure shuttling yourkid from school to an activity and then home for dinner and homework, or youre working full-time and don’t see yourkid until 6

Reassure yourkids that you love them, that youre getting help, and “that someone will always be there to meet their needs,” he said.

Whether you're feeling insecure about something right now or you feel like you could take on literally anything and kill it, it's a good idea to know what to tell

She suggests tellingyour own kids, "I know this child is making some choices that could get you in trouble

16 Cute Ways to TellYour Partner Youre Pregnant. Big news deserves big announcements. Here are some of the adorable ways our readers let their spouses know they’re expecting.

(Were you worried?) Whenyoure expecting, one common question is — “How do we tell the

Kids may tellyou how they covet the multitude of freedoms they have when they are with Dad or how very cool Mom is because she lets them text at

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Is YourKid the Bad Influence? Here are three ways to take off the blinders and see for yourself. 1. Talk to teachers. They spend nearly as much time with