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The only things that sync on my gears2 are text, calls and life360. I don't need to know anything else other than those 3 things. I work in the health field and we shouldn't be on our phones in

The problem I'm facing is with my GearS2: I can't seem to be able to open the texts that come in. I get the notification - and I can even reply to the message - but I can't open the incoming message and

Here ismy tutorial on how to keep your GearS2 battery lasting Long!!

Solved: My GearS3 Frontier stopped displaying notifications for incoming text messages. They are listed in the messaging app, but the watch - 91501.

Solved: So my message app is not showing on my gears3. I can go to a contact and then select messaging or I can reply to a message but - 48836 - 2.

I am developing a project in tizen gearS2, but I try to use the same code in my pc but I can't get the same result with ingears2, so what's

The new Samsung GearS2 is a really impressive smartwatch. Samsung eschewed the rectangular GearS design for the more elegant round face

Recently sent my gear to Samsung for service, got it back today but now getting Sim card not provisioned (mm2) error message.....

Get Samsung GearS help, find tips and tricks, and discuss the latest news and updates on the Samsung GearS forum at AndroidForums.com.

The watch reported resting numbersin the low-to-mid sixties while sitting in a relaxed state, which is on par with measurements taken by the Huawei Watch.

The Samsung GearS was a smartphone trapped in a smartwatch form factor.

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For the original GearS2, with its proprietary connectors, we were stuck with Samsung's options

In contrast, the GearS2 classic has a shiny black casing, a ridged bezel, and leather straps. Bands on both can be switched out, but

No phone in my pocket. With this watch, you don't need a phone: it's got a little e-SIM inside.

With that in mind, it is relatively easy to set up your Samsung GearS2 as a standalone watch. To learn how to do this, please follow the steps in the tutorial below.

The dilemma is a huge fault in Samsu ... read more. After an hour or more on the phone with Samsung and AT&T the HEX IMEI number is the one on your Samsung phone, as the Gear watch interfa

As it is, the GearS2 features a proprietary clipping mechanism that attaches the watch straps to the body of the watch.

Its latest, the GearS2, is a Tizen-powered watch that finally has a round screen and finally works

The Samsung GearS2 comes in 2 editions, of which the classic edition comes with a 20mm leather strap commonly available in the market. So you are free to pair the Samsung GearS2 smartwatch with your desired straps for an uber-cool look. Battery Life.

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Samsung showed us two jumbo phones today that were, you know, more or less what we were expecting—and frankly not all that interesting. At the end of the show, though, Samsung teased the GearS2 smartwatch, set to be announced on September 3rd at IFA in Berlin. Now that’s what I’m...

Samsung GearS2 pre-orders may not be expected to ship out until early October, but one lucky YouTuber has managed to lay

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The Samsung GearS2 is a smartwatch that will make both gadget lovers and watch lovers happy.

The Classic uses a standard 20mm watch band. All versions of the GearS2 come with a wireless charging dock. Attaching the watch to this dock is

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The circular smartwatch is the first of its kind from Samsung, and the company promised exciting things regarding the GearS2, but did the company deliver?

There are two versions of the GearS2 to choose from: the classic model and the sport model. The classic version is a bit smaller and sleeker, and the bezel looks and

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